What is Becoming?

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Becoming is a game about heroism and sacrifice. It’s about what it takes to be a hero, what you have to give up in order to save the people important to you, and the home you have to leave behind. It’s about making hard choices in the face of relentless adversity, and it’s about giving up pieces of yourself in order to make sure you succeed.

In Becoming, one player takes on the role of the Hero: an individual marked by destiny or the will of the people or some other form of greatness, sent out into the world to do dangerous things in order to save people.

The other players take on the roles of the Fates: intangible, conceptual forces of malice and adversity, bent on taking everything from the Hero, maybe even making her become a villain.

The Hero goes on a Quest, and the Fates provide obstacles and conflict, as well hard bargains that the Hero must sometimes accept in order to push on. Sometimes those bargains cost her a lot, but what they cost her is usually more palatable than what she’ll lose if she falters.

You can find Becoming in PDF, softcover, and hardcover on the Dangerous Games page of DriveThruRPG. The softcover and hardcover books that you can find on DriveThru are in glossy finish.

You can find the softcover of Becoming on Indie Press Revolution, as well as the PDF. The softcover book that you can find on IPR is in matte finish.